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Default Re: One or two favorite sticks?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I like the way Vic Firths are weighted. I prefer round tips too. I like the way round tips sound on my ride cymbal. So I go for VF AS 5B, or 5A. (The AS stands for "American Sound") I wish they would make them in nylon tips. I don't understand why they don't. I may have to experiment with dipping the tips in molten plastic. The only VF round nylon tips I could find were an Omar Hakim stick. But those sticks were too forward weighted for me. It was hard doing fast 8th notes with them. I like a more rear weighted stick. Vaters and Pro Marks are too heavy in front for me as well. I like the VF SD line of sticks, but they are made from maple, which is not durable enough and I crack them in a few gigs. I can get 6 months at least, probably more, from a pair of hickory sticks.
Hey, me too! I use the AS7A or AS5A most of the time these days. I love the way they sound for me, they sound the best on my drums.

Sometimes I go back to the old standard Promark 7a's but I'm quickly letting the AS series stick become the default. The way they are weighted feels like it might be "slower" but that's only until you hit real drums/cymbals with them. I can choke up a bit, which I never do on the promarks.

Lastly, I have a set of "ride sticks" because they sound really cool sometimes on the cymbals. Don't really like the weighting of them, but I'm sure that weight balance is part of the sound.
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