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Default Re: Not ready to discuss this with family ;)

Nice story, Bo. You come across as a real natural when you drum and sing so it makes sense that some of it is genetic. Must be lovely for music to be a point of family connection. For me, music was a gulf over which my family could only partially cross and, some of them, not at all.

As for ukes, earlier this year the band played "unplugged" at a ukelele night but it should be said that a fair few of the earlier performances were hard to sit through. The uke is a double edged sword :)

Interested in this comment of yours, Bo.

"And I've been on YouTube looking at these incredible ukulele players - like any instrument, it's being pushed beyond its island boundaries and like some drumming, it's downright scary what people are doing".

Can you recommend any links?
YouTube channel

Soundcloud stream
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