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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by brady View Post
Hmm...where do I start?

-People who can’t/won’t control their whiny kids in public.

-The baggy pants with the boxers showing thing.

-Those ugly plaid shorts that seem to be so popular.

-Those ugly flip-flop shoes that seem to be so popular…they are called shower shoes for a reason.

-People that ask for advice on forums then reject said advice and do what they want anyway.

-People who order a super-size meal…and a diet coke.

-People’s obsession with “celebrities” that don’t deserve that title; i.e. Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, Jersey whatevers, etc…

-Top 40 “music”.

-Pretty much every reality show.

-Facebook, Twitter, etc.

-The fact that the world practically forces everyone to eat unhealthy. You can go to any fast food joint and get a meal for less than $5. It costs way too much to eat healthy. Can’t they just tax the crap out of junk food like they do tobacco, alcohol, gas, etc. and make healthy food a more affordable option?

-This country’s (USA) dependency on drugs/chemicals to combat any perceived or actual disease.
Thank you for changing the subject
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