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Default Re: Ever been so mad?

Just my personal take on this topic...I think the fact that your mind goes there, meaning getting mad at drumming...that is a major sign that an attitude adjustment is needed. How can you hit the highest highs, when there is that element of negativity? Lighten up, it's only sound waves. Drums are the wrong thing to get mad at, it doesn't help you at all. You need to get out of your own way. You're blocking your own way forward. If you find yourself getting steamed...just stop and do something else. You should not allow yourself to get mad at your playing anymore. At worst, drums are a neutral experience for me. Some day's I just don't feel it, and that's just fine. But I never turn sour over playing drums. That's just silly. That's like eating pie and getting mad when you get some on your face. If you get mad at things that are enjoyable, I'd hate to be around when the really hard stuff jumps up in life.

Getting mad is a cancer. It has no redeeming qualities. You have to be larger than your emotions.
Sucking all the fun right out of life....
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