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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by sonnygrabber View Post
When 'she who must not be named', (my ex-wife), uses manipulation of the children and their potential opportunities to 'get back' at me.

Example: I had organized a trip to the US and Disneyworld for this last month. 'She who..' originally agreed it would be a great idea for them, so we, (the kids and I) spent months planning every detail. Several months later I was in need of some paperwork to finalize the passports for the kids. She refused to give it, and tried to blackmail me for money and a written statement that would have effectively been perjury, (and untrue!). Long story short, we were unable to go on the trip due to her spite and hatred towards me, so the kids missed out on a once in a childhood's experience. Not to mention their extreme disappointment and sadness. And yet 'she who...' considers this to be my fault, and has proceeded to tell the kids just that.

Nothing pisses me off more than this kind of selfishness.
Sorry to hear that mate. I can't pretend to understand.
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