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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Hehe - everyone wants to get off this treadmill but we just have to wait for the momentum to settle :)

Tough topics. It's a changing world with new problems cropping up all the time. I was told about a study that showed a reduction in crime about about 15-20 years after abortion was legalised in Australia. Fewer unwanted children means fewer hurt and damaged people causing more hurt later on. My guess is that judicious abortion laws would result in reduced suffering for the most part.

Another tough topic - assisted suicide. I get angry about the fact that terminally ill people are given no say as to the manner and timing of their death. It would seem a terrible imposition by society to coerce powerless, dying people into enduring extra suffering.

I've also been angry at the way Sydney's live music scene died out, mostly due to poker machines ... could this be a positive development?

Personally, I think the best thing would be to legislate against gaming machines in pubs but even then, I think the horse has bolted. It's a new era, with increasingly more emphasis on narrative and less on music.


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