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Hey Joe

So what's like like on the road? What do you do with your off time? If you have 3 days between shows do you fly home? I love playing drums, but at age 54, I don't know that I would want to tour. Living out of a suitcase gets old fast.
It's not what you play, as much as how you play it.

Well Larry sometimes the road sucks and sometimes its just awesome. It totally depends on your mode of travel. Airports and delayed flights can really suck. Rushing to get to the hotel and make soundcheck etc. Yea at times can be a hastle, and other times its smooth man. The gig is always cool though. I live for that hour and a half. I traveled 10 hours to do an hour or so show. So all the BS better be worth that time on stage. It always is to me. In my off time it depends. I might just chill in my room, go to the pool, lunch, dinner, warm up , check out the city I'm in if time allows. Hang with the guys, have a few beers, it depends. I usually try and stay active for the day. I play better that way, opposed to laying in bed all day watching tv grabbing dinner and doing the hit. lol I will fly home if I have a long lay over. It depends. If nothing is up at home like school functions or anything with the kids I might hang out and rest. Usually I go home.

I'm 53 Larry and Ive been doing this over 30 years. I wouldn't change a thing. I have had the most blessed career its been awesome. More than I could have ever wished for but I lucky for me I'm at the point where I can finally choose if I travel or not. For instance this year is my sons senior year of high school. I can tell you already that I won't travel as much this coming year. I won't miss a thing, I won't miss a wrestling match, or parents night or anything. I think as long as you keep your priority straight you will be cool. Your right living out of a suitcase gets reallylllllllly old dude. LOL. but hey that's what I do. Right now if I had to check into another hotel I would probably throw up and thats no lie. After a while at home I will want to hear that applause again and hit it again. Its kind of like a cycle for me. right now, I AIN'T GOING NO WHERE. LOL.
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