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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by Dracovyrn View Post
I think this is well stated. My english teacher told me once that the biggest issue with making progress is that two sides to every debate just want to insult each other to no end. One side saying, "You all hate women!" and the other side saying, "You all kill babies!" Until we find some middle ground, progress can't be made. I would at least like to make some kind of compromise. At least in that deal, no one's happy.
Rational people do not make these arguments. You'll notice I have said nothing of the sort. The closest I come to what you're talking about is abhorring the idea of forcing people to do or not do something with their own bodies.

For me, abortion rights aren't about the inconvenienced parents. It's about the potential children. We can prevent unwanted children from being brought into the world. We can do it many ways, and this last-ditch option of pregnancy abortion must remain available for the sake of the potential children. As well, we could be putting a lot more resources into things like making birth control freely available. Ironically, it's typically the anti-choice crowd who trumpets the evils of allowing access to all birth control methods including abortion.
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