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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
I'm not sure if we really are to decide if an unborn child's future will be "sufficiently comfortable" or if abortion would be the better solution...?!
No, I am not, nor are you. It should be a very private, very serious thing that the potential parents should decide on their own. There should absolutely not be any laws threatening people because some self-righteous individuals believe they can call the shots for everyone, and the world is better off with literally millions and millions of un-wanted children which are currently aborted each year.

I'm pretty sure that an unborn child isn't a part of one's own body in that sense, nor a
function of it.
A fetus isn't part of the body? Reproduction isn't a function of the human body? Did you think this one through? Will the cells continue to divide and develop if the woman's body isn't part of the equation?

Have you ever seen an sonogram of an unborn a few weeks old? Have
you seen what abortion does to the child?
Sure. Ever seen the dead look an abused foster child has in their eye? I have. It's much more disturbing than an aborted pregnancy.

I just wonder, we think about everybody and everything, but who actually thinks on the fetus?
That's exactly who I'm thinking of. All that matters is the potential child. We should be giving our potential children every advantage and all the love we can possibly provide. Outside of our little bubble, there are so many conditions where this isn't possible that we could list them all day long.

We don't have a place for all these poor kids. We aren't just talking about capable 15 year olds who have an accidental baby. The world is full of terrible situations we can't even fathom from our computer chairs.
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