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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by Jonny Sumo View Post
When I started this thread it was meant to be little tongue in cheek bit of fun, its turned into a particularly heated debate on a tender issue, this was not what I intended.
I am personally quite perturbed that my very existence 'wouldn't matter' and wish I had not started this thread as I think people are getting way too involved. I would be grateful if a moderator locked this thread off.
Since I was the one to have brought up the idea, I believe I should be the one to apologize. Unfortunately, I have ideas that I am very passionate about, and this shouldn't be the place to discuss it. Even in the off-topic section, I have turned friends into two-sided enemies. I digress. I do not want those to have been hurt by either side to remember me as the problem causer.

For Johnny, I have always believed everyones existence to be their own right. Without having known personal past, I am sorry this had to be a touchy subject brought up by one as myself.
"I fear a world where the rich and poor do better than the middle class." - Christian W.
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