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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
If you're going to vote to force un-wanted children into the world because you feel it's moral, then I hope you have a ton of adopted children you take care of, because the adoption and foster system is already ridiculously over-burdened. A fetus isn't a baby, and there are already far too many children who grow up to be burdens on society because they were not wanted or couldn't be taken care of by the parents. Voting your sense of morality on the nation could result in crack-whores having no choice but to keep babies they don't want and either give them up to a system that fosters abuse and creates terrible situations, or let them grow up in the same environment.

In other words: you are voting for the suffering of children who will likely never have strong parental support or guidance and likely repeat the cycle over again. Think beyond the short sighted "but you're killing a baby" crap. People are made up of our experience and connections to the world, not the cells that divide. Bringing un-wanted children into the world helps NOTHING, especially not the potential child.

And on your last point: It's not the "right of men" to have every child they father taken to term. It's not any mans right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. Period. It's sickening to think otherwise.

I guess we'd better stop now, though, as this is getting a bit political. Just think about the whole picture, and don't think about it as a cute baby or something that is likely to work out well. It almost never does. That's reality.
+1.The only problem I have with a womans right to choose, is when some women have multiple abortions and simply reguard those abortions as another form of birth control.

Having said that,and getting back to the OT,I think child abuse in ANY form makes my blood boil,especially pedophiles.I could go on about this,buy suffice to say,they are an unnecessary burden on society and serve NO usefull purpose and I'll leave it at that.

I also agree about what we need and don't need,and in doing so, cherry pick the U.S. constitution to satisfy your own political views.

The shopping cart(trolly ?) thing annoys me.It happened to me just yesterday 3 times.The last time,I said politely "excuse me",I then had to say it 2 more times,and the woman finally turns around and says..."Oh..all right for god sakes".She heard me the whole time and just blew me off because of the whole self entitlement thing.

People that hate cops and think all cops are bad cops...just because they had a run in with the police or got a ticket at some time. .Those people are just ignorant,stupid turds.Sorry,no punches pulled here.

Parents that treat parenting as a competative sport,and have their kids involved in so many programs that their children never get to enjoy just being children.

Humanoids that pray on the elderly and thieves,are some of the lowest forms of "life " on the planet.

Steve B.

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