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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by Dracovyrn View Post
I've always wanted a girl. Never really wanted a boy, but not against it obviously. Also, I actually told my girlfriend that after a girl, I would like to adopt. If I had the power to give homes to these children or the money to care for them myself, I would. I love children, and I love babies. They are miraculous wonder to me. Stinky, but cute, haha.

Anyways, I am aware of the arguments for pro-choice. I was writing a paper against abortion, and threw away the entire thing after finding out that everything is against me. It just comes down to belief, and so I say, leave it at that. I'm just politically inept, so I won't argue.

Abortion, really makes my blood boil.
That's fine, you're entitled to an opinion, but why force your opinion on others by vote? If you don't like abortion, don't have one. The fact that you are so against it probably leads me to believe that you would care for your children to the best of your ability. This is simply not the case for a whole lot of people. Do some research on the number of abortions done in this country, let alone the rest of the world.(hint: it's measured in millions annually) If you can honestly tell me that all those unwanted children would be better off being forced onto un-willing parents or the foster system, maybe you can have a leg to stand on.

Children should be brought into the world because they have loving and willing parents. Not because someone thinks that abortion is "killing a child" and checks a box on a voter form to force that opinion on everyone else. Nobody should ever be able to vote away someone's rights, ever. The right to your own body and it's functions is about as basic as it gets.
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