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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

I don't want to get into any great debate, and I understand that this is an extremely emotive subject so this is just my personal experience and thoughts, okay?
I was born in 1963 and was adopted very soon after by great people who are, my Mum and Dad.
In my teens I had a long talk with my Mum; I think she was trying to deal with the worry that I might want to find my natural mother. She told me about my natural mother, that she was a girl of 15 who was thrown out by her family for 'the shame'.
In 1963 there was very little support of any kind for teenage mothers so I suppose she just did what she thought was best, and put me up for adoption.

Now here's the thing; if abortion had been available freely in 1963, would she have had me?

I have had a great life, my Mum and (late) Dad were/are awesome I a minority?

Just thoughts from me. Peace. J
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