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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Orthographically/grammatically: could of, would of, should of, realy, alot. Misuse of apostrophes. Misuse of "I" when it should be "me": "between you and I", grr. "Less" when it should be "fewer". "Like" when it should be "as if". (My family are a sore trial to me!)

People who believe what they read in the Daily Mail.

People who repeat themselves. People who repeat themselves.

And trivial stuff like racism, sexism, homophobia and cruelty.

Phew, that feels better!
I'm looking into a glass, darkly.

I managed to avoid the split infinitive. I hope you're proud.

People grind me down. I dislike a lot of people. Especially people in cars and people in supermarkets.
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