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Default Re: One or two favorite sticks?

I like the way Vic Firths are weighted. I prefer round tips too. I like the way round tips sound on my ride cymbal. So I go for VF AS 5B, or 5A. (The AS stands for "American Sound") I wish they would make them in nylon tips. I don't understand why they don't. I may have to experiment with dipping the tips in molten plastic. The only VF round nylon tips I could find were an Omar Hakim stick. But those sticks were too forward weighted for me. It was hard doing fast 8th notes with them. I like a more rear weighted stick. Vaters and Pro Marks are too heavy in front for me as well. I like the VF SD line of sticks, but they are made from maple, which is not durable enough and I crack them in a few gigs. I can get 6 months at least, probably more, from a pair of hickory sticks.
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