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Default Re: Moongel vs dampening rings

After picking up the sticks again a couple of years ago after a LONG break (nearly 10 years), I bought a cheap Asian made Dixon kit. I tossed the stock heads, and put coated Remo Emps over clear Remo Ambs. It helped, but even after spending hours fine tuning them, they just I bought Evans dampening rings, and that helped immensely! Those overtones were gone, and the toms sounded exactly like I wanted them too.

Last month I bought a 6 pc. Mapex Blaster kit, which comes stock with Remo Suede heads. A quick little tune-job on them (the store already had them sorts tuned), and they sounded exactly perfect. I don't need the rings at all, they sing a perfect note to me with every hit.

That being said, I occasionally use a ring on my steel snare, just to cut down the overtones. I asked my bass player about it, and he said he didn't even notice it until I mentioned it. Probably only a sound I hear from behind the kit, but I still prefer it gone...
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