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Default Moongel vs dampening rings

What are your pros and cons for moongel and dampening rings?

At first I used nothing, but I really needed some dampening (also caused by the room I played in), then I got myself moongels. At first they were great, I thought, but after some testing and a couple of months of playing I didn't like them anymore. They didn't stick anymore, they lost some of their absorbing abilities and they just looked nasty as well.

Then I got myself some new damp rings, and I have never been happier. Immediately I noticed a tremendous difference. They are, imo, easier to use, look nicer, and are more effective. (It's been a while since I played on my acoustic set, but I still remember what the transition was like.)

Some people might agree with me, some might not. That's why I made this topic.

Let the discussion begin.
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