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Default Re: One or two favorite sticks?

I've been in love with the Vic Firth 5B's since I began playing and haven't found one that works for me in so many different styles. I prefer a fatter stick but the taper and tip combine to make a very fast stick, making it the best of both worlds. The tip shape can draw incredible sounds out of an Old K ride but still has the meat to pull big sounds out of toms. I can use this thing for soft, smokey-club jazz or my rock band. I'm not one of those guys who uses different sticks. It just doesn't work for me. I gotta have one stick that does it all. I use the nylon model for heavier rock applications where I need tip durability. I use the wood tip for everything else. The Vinnie Colaiuta Zildjian stick would be my second choice but apparently he's with Vic Firth now, so maybe I'll have a few pairs of those badboys in my bag. They're basically a VC 5B with a fatter neck and about an 1/8" shorter.
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