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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Well, like Aidee, I'm not the biggest fan of people in general and I do go out of my way to avoid crowds, but on the same token, I'd be the first to help in an emergency if it was in my power to do so. My disdain for society is equally matched with a deep understanding and love for the human race. I call it a race because we are all one in a way, if you think about it long enough. We all do the same crap, and we all make the same mistakes no matter what language we speak.

Having said that, the only time I lose my inner peace anymore is in traffic.My tongue does seem to get the better of me in that situation. But this isn't all the time, not at all, and it never turns into a rage. I couldn't even imagine getting that angry. But I've seen this type of rage anger in other people, and it is not a pretty sight to see. It is very primal and unforgiving and sad.
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