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Default Re: What makes your blood boil??

Originally Posted by Jonny Sumo View Post
I was inspired by a comment from MrInsanePolack earlier, which made me think 'What makes us mad?'. I don't just mean a little bit mad, I mean the sort of 'mad' where, if there weren't prisons or mental hospitals, you really don't know what your actions would be?

For me; peoples behaviour in supermarkets. Standing at one shelf with their trolley in front of another so they prevent you from accessing 15 feet of shopping items while they try to choose which low fat yoghurt they're gonna buy...they're so fat they probably eat the packaging wrapped in chocolate sauce before.....ok, you get the picture.

Txt speak, smileys :), drunks, ppls driving...whatever it is, you can tell us....
Actually, the only thing that really gets to me are people who can't take a joke.
Although, I'm not old and am still considerably young, so nothing really makes my blood boil yet.
Otherwise, people who are impatient in the grocery store whilst I'm looking for low fat yogurt really makes my blood boil... ;)
Other than that, I try to be relaxed and not care about other folk's stupidity.
I don't remember who this was from, but, "He who angers you, has control over you."
It's worked out so far. :-)

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

Dont really like people. Yea, people as a whole annoy me, most of the time.

Well aren't you just a charming ol' bloke, haha.

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Here is a short list:

1. People with no manners. Even dogs can be taught manners.
2. Ignorance. Not knowing something but speaking on it like an expert.
3. Intentionally modified communication skills.
Sorry, I only read up to three, so I only copied up to three. Can you clarify what you mean by, "Intentionally modified communication skills?"

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Orthographically/grammatically: could of, would of, should of, realy, alot. Misuse of apostrophes. Misuse of "I" when it should be "me": "between you and I", grr. "Less" when it should be "fewer". "Like" when it should be "as if". (My family are a sore trial to me!)

People who believe what they read in the Daily Mail.

People who repeat themselves. People who repeat themselves.

And trivial stuff like racism, sexism, homophobia and cruelty.

Phew, that feels better!
Yeah, although I never liked female drummers. People act like there all that. I should of become a bass player. The most they argue about is, "To use plectrum, or not to use plectrum!" I should of become a bass player. Also, I have gay friends, and gay marriage is all right! As long as a gay man marries a gay woman, and a gay woman marries a gay man! ;)

Can I make everyone's blood boil in a single post? I think so...
"I fear a world where the rich and poor do better than the middle class." - Christian W.
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