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Default Re: Got a theater gig for this summer... looks like fun!

UPDATE: Well we had two band rehearsals for the show, and for a total of an hour and change of music, spending 6 hours on it together was probably about right. For those of you familiar with the RHS, it's all pretty much straight-ahead 50's and 60's style doo-wop and rock; the complexity (as with all theater gigs) comes from the stops, the cues, the integration of the actors and their choreography and lines, and the non-intuitive phrasing that has to take place to make the whole thing work (i.e. a 7-measure or 9-measure verse instead of an 8-measure verse).

The show will be done in the "punk" aesthetic, and as in the 2001 Broadway revival (as you can see from the above diagram) the band will be behind a semi-transparent scrim for the show (with the scrim lifted for a couple of numbers such as "Hot Patootie"). So the band is supposed to also dress "punk". Well, I had been growing out my hair to spike or mohawk or some such, but I can't think of anything less punk than a bald spot (see pictures below), so in a few moments my wife will be shaving it all back off.

Now is when my high score on the "drum nerd" quiz thread actually pays off, as the 2011 score requires a mark tree, cowbell, tambourine and bell cymbal -- all of which I have, as a card-carrying geardo.

As of right now, Betty (the Ludwig aluminum Standard snare) is looking like the main snare, with an Evans G-Plus on there for a meaty thwop; Veronica (the Pearl BOB Sensitone) is in reserve in case Betty has a blowout.

Full everyone rehearsals begin tomorrow, with opening night on Thursday next. I'm pretty stoked -- this is going to be a LOT of fun!
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