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Default Re: Billy Higgins

here's my trade secret on how to check the /Drummers/ section for existing threads...

Sure, there's the search function. But to check the /Drummers/ section I've even stopped using the forum search function.
What I'd do is to click on the 1st page of that section and search that page, using that Control+F shortcut.
I'd then move on to the 2nd page (of a total of 20 pages) and search with Ctrl+F, then page 3, 4, ... up to the last page.
Still nothing found? THEN there's no thread on that specific drummer in the /Drummers/ section yet.

Old-style? Quite some work? Yes, but it works - see for yourself ;-)
I've moved several 'new' threads into the existing ones using this method. I think it's worth it.
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