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Default Re: Dampening methods...

I usually don't dampen my drums at all except for my bass drum.
I dampen snare and toms with mylar studio rings mostly when I am recording.
On bass drums I like the felt strip method or ring controlled heads of various types.
I also sometimes use ring controlled heads on of my snare and toms when I want dampening.

On occasion I use the internal mufflers that are built into my vintage Ludwig kit. I have the round felt disc type on my toms.
Those are pretty cool. They rattled when I first got the kit and I removed them at first. I eventually fixed the rattle issue and reinstalled them. I made the rivets that hold the disc tighter by compressing them with a hammer and punch. Now the internal mufflers work perfect. I like being able to dial in the desired amount of dampening.
I kind of like old drums:)
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