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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
Those able to sit at home with hugh post counts probably won't know or care what I'm talking about.
Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
No malice is focused on anyone.
Given my involvement in this thread, it's difficult for me to conclude you're referring to anyone other than me. My post count is merely an indication of my enthusiasm for this forum, not how much spare time I have. I work about 16 hours a day on average - 6 days/week. I'm a workaholic. Sometimes my work enables me to chime in for a few minutes at a time, usually whilst waiting for a response or similar. Half my work is in this industry, half in another, although increasingly, it's this industry that's taking the lion's share of my time. Perhaps I am here too often, but this is my light relief from what is usually a very full on day.

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
Thank you, most of the four years that I've been here was a pleasure.
And I can say the same about the interactions I've had with you. I've enjoyed your input here Dennis, & that's why I was so surprised at your tone on this thread. You're a pro, & that usually means an ability to take a step back in situations that get under your skin.

Moreover, I'm just left with a feeling of sadness about this situation. I wish you well Dennis, & hope that our paths somehow converge in the future.

Disappointed - Andy.
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