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Default Re: Remote Hihat Cable adj. if you Cut & Solder

Originally Posted by Japan Drummer View Post
Hello Folks,

Just wanted to say that I shortened remote cable and got it to actually work better than many shaft ones. The catch is, I had to add a spring in between hihat bushings. This is because once you cut that hefty stainless steel shield off of about 2 inches of cable, it ain't never going to push or lift any weight again. It WILL however pull. So what happens is, your foot pulls the hihat closed and the spring pulls it back up.

Any small piece of steel with zip ties or hose clamps can be used to bridge the portion of the cable where you have removed the shield, reattached and soldered. So what you have is two bare cable ends, soldered back together, visibly sliding back and forth under the piece of steel that you used to secure the two cut ends of the shield.

There are a lot of different springs available. Start medium and then try stretching or cutting the springs.

Hope this works for you. Mine certainly feels/ sounds/ works awesome.


Im skeptical, find this hard to believe.

Can you post some detailed pictures please?
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