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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]

As far as David Floegels math skills, they suck.
Why the hate and insulting? I would expect a more professional attitude from someone claiming to be in the business for a long time now. I hope you don't argue with your clients like that, they probably don't like that.

You mentioned that Lang uses five or six microphones on his bass drum, with your explanation, I only counted two. I sense that you either don't know or you lied.
The mics David mention are a correction on my post about Gavin Harrison;s mics, I have no clue what Lang uses. In fact, I don't know Lang at all…
Check the video, you will see in full detail what Lang uses and he indeed uses that many mics. Surely, not all together as one big mashup of 5/6 kickdrum tracks, but we where talking about phase issues and mic placement in which the Thomas Lang example is valid (because he does record all mics and combines later what suits the song).

How many other falsehoods have you recently written just to generally deceive the real facts David? I realise that you Don't Have to lie, but why are you doing it, to gain popularity or respect for something you know nothing about?
Why do you have to attack David? Your posts seem full of a hatered attitude towards him and I have a hard time understanding why you need to get so personal and actually do yourself what you are accusing David of: lying…
David's information is correct, check the video yourself. Its a fallacy that even if he quoted incorrectly (which is not the case), everything he says is untrue.

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
I'll relinquish my final response to my "gang rape" on this forum later today when I have more time, although I've already made my decision .
Okay so let me get this straight:
1) You are giving feedback on David's designs
2) David likes to discuss the feedback and asks for clarification as he has a critical attitude to what the feedback is about
3) You start to get fed-up with it and get personal/rude because not everybody accepts your knowledge as the true description of the world outside
4) Other forum members ask you politely to calm down and at least show some respect
5) You know accuse everyone here of "gang-rape*" and call David a liar, based on no factual evidence and fallacy thinking

I suggest that you indeed over-think everything and draw your own conclusions…

* And to be honest, comparing something deeply evil like gang-rape to some posts where forum members politely (!!) ask you to take it easy is pretty sick… Please get yourself a ticket to India and talk to the mothers who lost their <10 year old daughters to gang-rape, that certainly seems like a thing you have no knowledge about…

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