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Default Re: Is it me or are the new Evans 360 G2 Coated heads sounding thinner?

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
Basically the same problem I and many other have had. Unfortunately most inexperienced drummers blame it on their tuning abilities not knowing any better. It really doesn't sound probable until it becomes a very real and personal problem with some of their drum heads.

Yes and no. I'm always amazed by the point of reference that some people use when judging heads. I've literally had people comparing Hydraulics to G1s before. In order to determine what the issue is (if any at all), I need to better understand where someone is coming from with their descriptions. Since drum sounds tend to be quite subjective and qualitative, it takes a bit more digging to get the right info. That being said, I'm not throwing on the possibility of an issue, just doing my best to diagnose it.
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