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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]

I'll relinquish my final response to my "gang rape" on this forum later today when I have more time, although I've already made my decision .

This thread is not the primary reason that I'm leaving this forum, but for all intentional purposes, the catalyst along with other comments that got the ball rolling earlier than I thought it would be. A similar situation occured maybe a year or so ago. I said to myself, if it happens again I'll have to leave, it's just not worth loosing the little bit of sleep that I'm currently getting by constantly posting responses in the same thread. Last night because of this thread it got less than two and a half hours of sleep before I had to again roll out of bed at 5AM. This site moves very rapidly and trying to keep up with it and also perform the jobs (3) that I normally do, sometimes elements tend to suffer a bit because of my lack of rest. Those able to sit at home with hugh post counts probably won't know or care what I'm talking about. Maybe in a few years this might also be me. This argueing back and forth trying to spotlight each others opinions just takes up too much of the little spare time that I have. Normally when I've posted responses they were short and to the point without the drama. I would much rather be working and enjoy what I'm doing in the broadcast and music industries than to sit here at this keyboard sparing over details that I happen to notice in some threads and comment about. At least by leaving this forum, I might be able to retrieve an hour or two back of my life each day. No malice is focused on anyone.

I don't know if my comments will remain here or be moved. In any event please close my account ASAP, unless I find a way to do it myself.

Thank you, most of the four years that I've been here was a pleasure.

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