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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]

I have enormous respect of your knowledge/experience in drumming and recording. I learned from enough of your posts that you have a lot to offer. But... that's for the info/fact side. Now the way _how_ you bring your points across can indeed be perceived as (at least somewhat) rude. Also, please just skip those completely obsolete things like provoking questions, allegations, accusations - NOBODY needs that crap. And it doesn't add to your overall impression as perceived by the other users here. That's a fact, too.

You've added a lot of info to the discussion. Should you decide to continue participating in this thread, please try to skip the emotional etc. side, as mentioned above. Because... tell me what the benefit is when adding those things to the mere info/fact side. Answer: nothing - except for establishing some non-optimal impression of the way you're writing your posts and how that 'style' is perceived by others.

BTW, there's always options... E.g. make your point(s) but then - if something is not going the way you'd like it - simply stay away from that thread (honestly, I'd prefer this option to continuing your not too diplomatic style - while the _info/fact_ side of your contribution is marvellous - as always, but the 'style' has a serious spoiling effect). Or clear things up via PM.

Guys, think of the dinner party conversation setting, ok? Stay nice!

As for David's system: Seems like a pretty cool idea. He came up with something that boasts a few improvements over other systems. And those other systems are concepts that get used by pros. So where's the problem? 2 (or even more) mics - why not? I love to have options. Having the _option_ to mound several mics doesn't oblige me to use them simultaneously. But if I wanted to, this system would allow. Also, any phase issues can be cured by aligning them in any audio software or - as I would do, but this approach is limited to using 2 mics - by using some hardware tools like the Radial Engineering Phazer. So phase is no issue in my book. You have to know how to handle it. The term 'phase' shouldn't frighten anyone. Just know how to handle it.
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