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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
If you were to use only one microphone mounted inside the bass drum, why reinvent the wheel, just go with a tried and true Shu mount. It's been around for many years now and it is a Proven performer with a more robust suspension system for those wanting a semi permanent microphone suspended inside of the bass drum. I'm just going by what I've seen in the little video concerning this new double mic holder for my comparisons.
I dont know how robust this system is compared to the Shu, I never touched either system. That said, the Shu is for 1 mic, this system is for two.

Who ever said this new mount was only going to be sold to good engineers. Sure, a qualified engineer will know how to deal with this, but 99% of the prospective buyers are Not engineers, they're just drummers that now have a way of inserting two microphones suspended inside of a bass drum because of some new product.
I think that engineers/producers could be a market for this product. I'm not convinced that 99% would be drummer, simply because I cannot imagine that only drummers have the desire to mike up the bassdrum.

You already brought to attention various phasing problems encountered on a drum kit and their causes, why would you want to initiate another, inside the bass drum itself by possibly mixing two different types of microphones?
It is not said that you always will initiate another phase issue. That depends on the mic, the placement and your own skills in miking up drumkits.
That said, if the drummer doesn't know how to mike up his kit and deal with phase issues, then they probably should not mike up their own kit but leave that to people who do know. This option is not for everyone, if you don't know how to use it well then don't use it… I'm not sure if I understand your problem of phasing vs "incompetent" drummers who try to engineer for themselves.

As far as having no resonant head and using stands, this is a very common way of placing microphones inside the bass drums where I work. It all boils down to the sound that you or the producer are going after.
Of course its a common way, I never said it wasn't. I just pointed out that suspending the mic inside the BD is more convenient (if its done with the Shu, this product or maybe something else, thats irrelevant).

I really can't see any of us tryimg manipulate a double mic bracket as the clock on the studio wall winds down. That being said, there is no way this new double mount can achieve the same degree of microphone manipulation or placement as with two small microphone boom stands, it's just a figment of your imagination if you believe that it can.. The only way this could possibly happen is to use goosenecks on the mount, then youi'll have a total inballance of the system.
It does take time to find the sound you are after, thats for miking any instrument in a studio. Plenty of engineers that are trying various mic combinations and placements for any given instrument. Whats wrong with taking time to get good sound?

BTW, when you mention the "hole" on the top of the bass drum, are you referring to it's vent hole? Or does this mount come equipped with a 1/2" spade bit for the installation of the cables? I've never seen two quality balanced microphone cables able to feed through a single vent hole.
Not the vent hole, see David's answer, thats what I meant indeed.

One last question. Are you the co-inventor of this project? lol.

No? Why?
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