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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]

Originally Posted by SantiBanks View Post
I don't agree with that. This system is also valuable if you are just one microphone. The idea of suspending it in air is very convenient. You can position the mic much better and you dont need a hole in the front head to put a mic stand trough (which is pretty unhandy).

Besides, as you can just fix the system as is, you get much more consistent positioning if you are for example a gigging drummer.

As drumkits are multi-miked, you end up with phase problems anyways. Phase relationship from overheads to tom/snare mics, bottom and top snare mics, phase relationship with room mics and so on. Phasing should not be an issue for a good engineer, he knows how to deal with it.

Even if you dont have a fronthead, its more convenient as you dont need place for mic stands which is great on small drumrisers/small stages, That said, most guys run the mic cables trough the port hole, and some guys run it trough the hole on the top of the BD (if they have one) that is used for suspending a tom holder.
There is also no problem with pulling if you have sufficient cable lengths and everything is running lose.
If you were to use only one microphone mounted inside the bass drum, why reinvent the wheel, just go with a tried and true Shu mount. It's been around for many years now and it is a Proven performer with a more robust suspension system for those wanting a semi permanent microphone suspended inside of the bass drum. I'm just going by what I've seen in the little video concerning this new double mic holder for my comparisons.

There's always the posibility of phasing problems when more than one microphone is used in close proximity to another especially if you don't know how to place them what to listen for. Who ever said this new mount was only going to be sold to good engineers. Sure, a qualified engineer will know how to deal with this, but 99% of the prospective buyers are Not engineers, they're just drummers that now have a way of inserting two microphones suspended inside of a bass drum because of some new product. You already brought to attention various phasing problems encountered on a drum kit and their causes, why would you want to initiate another, inside the bass drum itself by possibly mixing two different types of microphones?

As far as having no resonant head and using stands, this is a very common way of placing microphones inside the bass drums where I work. It all boils down to the sound that you or the producer are going after. I really can't see any of us tryimg manipulate a double mic bracket as the clock on the studio wall winds down. That being said, there is no way this new double mount can achieve the same degree of microphone manipulation or placement as with two small microphone boom stands, it's just a figment of your imagination if you believe that it can.. The only way this could possibly happen is to use goosenecks on the mount, then youi'll have a total inballance of the system.

Oh, and good luck not tearing your resonant head. I've seen quite a few heads over the years torn with just one cable exiting the drum in this manner.. simple math would give you what two cables could possibly do.

BTW, when you mention the "hole" on the top of the bass drum, are you referring to it's vent hole? Or does this mount come equipped with a 1/2" spade bit for the installation of the cables? I've never seen two quality balanced microphone cables able to feed through a single vent hole.

One last question. Are you the co-inventor of this project? lol.

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