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Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
To all my UK friends: How much is the UK tax payer burdened with the royals?

Depends how one defines "burdened". The Sovereign Grant, which replaced The Civil List, is the annual allowance that the UK government gives to the head of state in order to run her rather costly operation. This year it's just over 30 million GBP - around 70% of which pays the salaries of her staff. This figure does not take into account the amount of personal wealth the queen has and how much income is generated by the various privy purses bestowed upon her and other members of the royal family. These sources of funding are essentially real estate portfolios and are, like everything else in the royal sphere, hereditary acquisitions.

Whereas the royal family themselves are probably no more expensive to run than a fleet of nuclear submarines or whatever, I guess the "burden" felt by some citizens of the UK relates to whether or not one feels having a monarch is worth the bother in the first place. To be fair, if absolutely everyone in the UK had the same standard of living as the queen then the question you raised would be less contentious.
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