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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Free music: It seems that noone mentioned the point that when music is free, many
artists actually can't and won't release any more of their beautiful and well crafted
pieces of art anymore. Because it's too much work and heart that goes into it completely

Have you i.e. seen Gavin Harrison's post on this matter?

(, Post #5965)
Although I do agree nothing at this point musicians need to live with free music though, because it's not going to stop.

But the above quote is certainly a sad, but, true aspect of how some musicians are living with it the concept of free music

I've read a number of name artists question declare they won't make more albums, because of this topic. Others will put out music, but won't tour because they have non-music income that pays more.

And it has little to do with making a profit, as much as it has to do with just not losing money. Recording at a high level is very expensive. Just trying break even is difficult.
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