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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
It's funny you point out 'Inferior Hardware' Watso. This is where I have to disagree.
You don't disagree at all.

On paper, power against price, yes - Macs are more expensive.
That's really all I care about.

When you start to move into other categories like build quality, Macs start to become a good option.
How could you possibly make that comparison? I can easily spend more on a souped up PC that has more attention to detail and "build quality" than a mac, I also have the option to look at the thousands and thousands of options in-between rather than letting apple decide on a "build quality" for me and everyone else. I've bought "hardened" PC notebooks literally designed to be submerged, thrown around, work in dust-filled environments, etc. They typically cost about the same as a "high end" mac which is costlier still by a slight margin, and I can make fucking bombs with it if I like. Steve doesn't allow you to make bombs with your apple.

How many Ultrabooks are as well-built, reasonably-specced and have the battery life of a MacBook Air?
Since I think both "ultrabooks" and the "mac book air" are a joke, (the air being the funnier, more useless joke) I'll ignore this. My current Asus notebook gets around 9 hours use if I'm careful, more like literally 90 days of standby, and I (well, the company) spent 700 bucks on it, windows included. It's a hybrid SSD with some platters that only spin up when I need them.

If you buy a mac, you pay a premium to be a part of their closed-hardware system with all it's faults and benefits. End of story. Why anyone argues this is beyond me.

As for this disagreement over XP. Yes, you're right. You can lock down the Admin privileges and not allow users access to the root.
I was correcting you, not disagreeing. Of course I'm right. I'm an omnipotent being and the only time I was wrong was the one time I thought I might be wrong.

That's not the default setting though and how many people that buy computers that aren't advanced users like yourself will even know they can do that? Not many.
That's because when XP came out, it wasn't such an issue for that OS. That OS is older than the big kit vs small kit debate. XP is no longer the best option for the average home user, and I don't think anyone would argue. *nix operating systems were designed for larger-scale stuff than just desktop work, to be used by people who know what they are doing, and had least-priv built in. Older macs allowed software install without rights elevation, too. Before XP came out, I used macs because back then the hardware really was different, and the software gap wasn't so gargantuan.

So if Mum, Dad, whoever is running XP as a layperson, they are inherently more at risk than somebody running Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X or any form of Linux.
With exception of the last one, this is true. Linux machines must be constantly updated just like windows, because they are historically hacked more than anything else, and even more open than windows is. I worked for an ISP for about 3 years, it was always the nix machines that got "rooted" which is (or used to be) a term for a hacker gaining access to root, even though it was locked down. It's a huge code-base with plenty of attack vectors...

But yes, I'm not going to argue about a new OS being more secure than a really old one. I don't know why I get sucked into this in the first place. I use and support macs when I have to, I also don't have any delusions about them being "better" for anything other than perhaps user preference.
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