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Default Re: speed cobra and bass drum setup, adjustement for best results?

With my Speedcobras double, I have the spring tension pretty high, almost maxed. The Cobra Coil is at the highest setting, and I have replaced the chain-drive of the pedal with nylon straps. The footboards themselves aren't on a shallow angle, but nor are they very high; that is too detrimental to fast bass patterns. My beaters are set to hit the ~middle of the bass head, with the tension being neither low nor high. My reso head is fairly loose, ported and with a Kickport. As for muffling, I have a relatively large pillow in my 18 x 22 Tama Starclassic Maple bass drum.

With all that in mind, I play mostly rock and hard rock, and get a wonderful rebound while still retaining some of the bass drum's tone (read: almost no tone).

Perfect for me.
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