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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Millions of people display their individuality on Macs.
Yea, totally! You can get black, OR white macbooks these days! Talk about individuality!

I don't know why people argue these points. Macs, by their very design are meant to be uniform, locked down, and limiting. For some people, this is just the ticket. They don't want to mess with things, and the way apple tells them to do things works for them. They don't need the overwhelming majority of software titles because they can do most of what their limited needs require with the small set of mac software that either came with it is available, or they are willing to pay more for inferior hardware and go ahead and install windows on it so they can do things macs aren't meant to do, which is the only real head-scratcher for me. The appeal of the mac OS is it's closed design. Less opportunity to mess with things means they will all mostly work in the same way.

Unfortunately, MS seems to be thinking they want to follow suit. Windows 8 started out as a locked down crap pile. You did things the way they told you to, or you used a different OS. It seems as though back-lash has spurred some reversal, and although they are still being as stubborn as they can get away with, slowly, changes are happening in 8 to allow more customization and options as older windows versions did. I previously refused to use it, but frankly, at this point, it's better than 7 except for the damn start window taking over the screen and some of the "metro" crap.

In the end, though it's the options that can get people into trouble. Windows deals with all manner of hardware and software on the market and nobody could ever test all the combinations like you can in a smaller closed environment.

They're different things. I would never suggest my mom not use a mac, she couldn't handle all the "stuff" going on with a good PC, and she doesn't want to.
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