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Default Re: What choice of heads for Tama Imperialstar

I have a Tama tension watch. Same thing as the drum dial. The recommendations for my dial are resos 5 higher than batter on all the drums except 16 FT where they recommend both the same. I used to have a pdp x7 poplar kit and used those tuning recommendations with Remo pinstripes and the thin stock resos and the toms sounded really good. I have a brass snare and a Starclassic birch snare and I've had several heads on them and to my ears the Aquarian high energy sounds the best but I don't tune them to a high crack. I like a fatter sound from my snare. I have found that tuning my snare heads the same top and bottom gives me the best sound but you can experiment with that. I have an Aquarian superkick ll on my bass drum which should be similar to the Emad. The dial recommendation for bass is 40 reso and 35 batter and I like that sound a lot. I use a kickport and nothing in the shell for muffling. The Superkick ll provides plenty of muffling.
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