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Default Re: I hate Macs!

Originally Posted by Dracovyrn View Post
I simply try not to support monopolies... but I think google controls my life.

Other than that, I didn't grow up on macs, so it's not very user friendly and from what I've seen, windows is more efficient (And you all know how I love efficiency) when it comes to doing what I, the user, wants it to do. (I'm American, I like doing what I want! And things that will do stuff FOR me!) Haha.

I just searched Google, "Does Google control my life?" And it's true, it does.
Apple is in no way a monopoly. I'm unclear whether you think Google is a search monopoly. It's definitely not a monopoly in terms of any of their other products. Apple is only a monopoly in that they control their own ecosystems - Apple has a monopoly on Apple products (vertical integration if we're getting into business analysis terminology). In the PC market, Microsoft holds the position of power in terms of install base (and was found to be practising uncompetitive behaviour - abuse of a monopoly several years ago).

Macs let you do plenty. Availability of programmes is excellent, especially professional creative software. The programming environment (Xcode) is superb and I would say that it is no easier or harder to use than Windows, it's just easier.

So, are you having issues with iPhones, which are locked down, or Macs, which aren't and even when they are are easily overridable and designed as such?

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