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Default Re: Dampening methods...

Gaff tape or Gaffers tape. That is my choice over moongel which eventually gets dirty, gummy or falls off during transport. I have it in white to match the drumheads so it blends in.
Reusable too. Double it up for more control.

It's typically used on stages to mark where the musicians or singers stand and other performers. It peels off with no residue (unlike duct tape). Do a google search with your city or
something like "gaffer tape near me". That's how I found it at a local theater supply store. Works like a charm. I've managed to get the tuning down on my snares, so I mainly use it on the floor toms (that ring forever).

Kick drum - I use Aquarian SKII. Some say has a little too much control. But carries a nice punch and deep thump.
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