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Default Re: My CUSTOM Internal Bassdrum Mic Holder System [Promo Video]

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
That's a good idea David. Regrettably (mostly due to lack of drilling on our bass drums) I can't offer to install one on our show kits, but there could well be people there interested. Touting gear around the exhibition isn't allowed by the organisers, but we can help keep that under the radar a bit if you like. Beware though, there are traders there who would be delighted to take your idea & make it for half the cost in China, so it's a double edged sword.

If you want to line interested parties up, & use our stand as a hookup point, feel free. Equally, if you're interested in establishing any trading partners, I can help you there too. I might even be able to get you a magazine review. Just let me know how I can help :)
Andy, thanks for your reply.
In the moment I'm a bit worried about the existence of my product as the inventor of the Kelly Shu System has a patent registered.
I'm not sure if I'm violating his patent..

Today I'm going to write an email to the patent office in Munich, Germany and ask if there's any "cheap" method to have this checked.

Your offer is really great! I know that there might be some traders who might steel my idea.. But I'd love to use your stand as hookup point, actually.
Trading partners would be awesome. They could help out with the money ;)
A magazine review would be more than a dream.. I will get back to it :)

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