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Default Re: Pearl ePro Live?

Since you haven't gotten much response, I'll throw in my 2 cents worth.
I have had the E-Pro Live kit for 2 years now. While I would prefer an acoustic kit, it is not practical for me as a hobby at home with family. I played quite a bit in the 70's through 80's. Marriage and commitments put a dent in my playing.
Anyway, I love the E-Pro kit. I have had 0 problems with it other than a tom wrap come lose and Pearl replaced it fast with no questions asked. (Great customer service). They have done a "re-flash" of the drum module making it more sensitive and realistic sounding. The only thing I don't like about the e-kit is the snare sound with a roll and the cymbals. I had a Roland for a year and loved it too but it was no better in regards to the snare and cymbals. I got a GREAT deal on my set when I bought it. I've never seen one at that price again. They are the same size as drums so getting used to the kit configuration is easy. The rubber "heads" are not the same as a drum head. They are more like a practice pad, but I really don't have much finesse when I play so they are fine for me. They don't feel bad, just not the same.
The sounds or "kits" programed into the module are very customizable from sensitivity to pitch to muffle to overtones. It just takes a while to learn how to adjust it.
I had the brass cymbals but they were noisy (stick noise) so I sold them and went to the plastic ones, but the edges kept breaking off those so I went back to brass. I would like to have the Zildjian cymbals too but they are priced out of site right now. Maybe when the stat coming down in price or if I find used somewhere.
Cymbals and the snare drum are issues on ALL e-kits, not just Pearl's.
The RED box is basically an Alesis DM10 module but the programs kits are all different. Would I buy this kit again? yes, if I couldn't have an acoustic kit, this would be my choice. I don't regret buying it at all. I'm not sure I would use these in a live setting. Home or studio is perfect for this kit. I have a few "covers" posted on You-Tube if you want to hear what they sound like. Just type in my user name. My playing isn't great (it's not bad), but you can get an idea what they sound like recorded direct into a recorder with drumless tracks. Hope this helps a little.
If GC will sell the drums for $1800 and give you $800 off for the Alesis, that is a good deal. If they want you to pay $1800 plus your drums, walk away. Look on E-bay. You find them listed under $2000.

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