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Default Just back from my first ever jam session

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a vocalist friend and a bass player I'd found via Facebook. We got on ok so we drew up a list of songs we thought we might like to have a bash at, and tonight was the night.

It was LOADS of fun! I was hampered by the fact that I was playing the vocalist's partner's e-kit, which has a bass drum that is somewhat intermittent, and of course it didn't feel or sound like Mabel, but that aside, I've just realised now that I hadn't even felt nervous and consequently didn't make many mistakes at all - and nobody, not even me, was bothered when I did.

We are still in need of a guitarist but I think we may have found one, I'm just waiting for him to get back to me to say yay or nay and I'm inclined to believe it'll be a yay.

We've culled a few songs from the list and added a few more - the singer has a rather soft, sweet voice so we need to find stuff that suits her - and as I'm away for the next couple of weeks it'll give us all a chance to work on them before getting back together again.

I am really happy!
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