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Default Re: Kick drum mounted cowbell holder

DW's hoop mounted cowbell holder is what I use now. Looks like a bass drum claw. Very adjustable, and VERY sturdy, reasonably priced.

LP's is very nice too, with the rubber backing on the clamp, with two grips for the rod.

The ATLAS mount will be out/in stores in August. That's gonna be about $50--not sure if that's the list or street price for it though. This will just need an L-rod, and you can put it on, & take it off real easy with the wing nut.
It's a little pricey compared to most of their other hardware, but this mount will put the CB exactly where I really want it, so I am getting at lest 1 of them.

The DW one I have is cool, but I have to use a drum key to undo the L-rod. Really, that's the only "bad" thing about it if you are giging and use a CB.
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