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Default Re: Another FB stand thread - specifically hanging toms

Rock-a/Psychobilly right on!

Gibraltar's gear is really well built. Nothing but good experiences in using it for me.
If you are playing harder, the FB stand will work just fine if the cymbals aren't way up there.
I use a 24" ride on my FB stands, and any brand I use works just fine (I crash/crash ride the 24 a lot).

With 10 & 12" toms, the FB stand might hold those size toms with a good leg placement.
Larger than a 12 I think is pushing your luck--especially if your band mates are "on the move" around the stage while playing. Even though the stands are pretty sturdy (with a cymbal), with a tom on them, it wouldn't take any big effort to knock it all over.
Something to think about also is if the cymbals are going to be in a good spot, with what the stand can do if a tom is on it.

A pic of the set up you use with your band would help in opinions from other FB users on if what you want to do would be practical, or worry free enough to go get all new hardware.
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