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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real Name? Erin
Age? Middle
How long have you been playing? I wouldn't call it playing, but about three days...
Origin of user name? It's what my husband calls me - from the old Allman Brothers tune.
Your top 5 drummers? Daniel Adair, Greg Upchurch, Shannon Leto, Joey Kramer, Meg White
Make of drumkit? Pearl Rhythm Traveler
Make of cymbal? Zildjian A
Where do you practice? In my bedroom
Are you in a band? no
Do you play covers or originals? I'm lucky to get through a basic stick drill, but will be playing covers....eventually.
What style of music? Rock - Classic, Hard, and Alternative
Favourite take out food? Pizza.
What country do you live in? USA
One really odd fact about yourself? I am a delegate of our local Girl Scout Council for the National Girl Scout Council.
How did you start drumming? No Joke...I started listening to music with over ear headphones instead of ear buds. What a difference! Then I noticed the music Spotify was picking up for me all had the same theme...DRUMS. My husband noticed my increasing and frequent air drumming, and suggested I learn how to play for real. (awww...) Six months later I finally have my kit!

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