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Default Re: What choice of heads for Tama Imperialstar

Originally Posted by Brando667 View Post
It does, but they're base on other sizes, mine are not on the chart. i have an evans EMAD batter head on my kick drum right now i forgot to mention, with the thin tama reso. i need to take a pillow out, its sounding quite dead.

Do you tune the reso to the same tension as the batter side on your toms and bass?

the snare drum seems to be my biggest problem!
I cannot get the snare to sound good. i get too much buzz, or just an off pitch. i am making sure the lugs are the same tension, i just cant seem to find a good sound. It's probably just me, though. Any tips?
Thanks for the suggestion!
Everyone is a little different. I prefer my resos a little higher than the batter side. Pretty close to each other though.

I never liked the snare on my Swingstar that much either. I used an Aqauarian Focus-X head on it; it has a little muffling ring around the perimeter than got ride of most of the annoying overtones. When I played that kit I usually just took my Supra.
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