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Default DW 5000 replacement parts

So I've been letting some other people play on my drums, usually while I'm playing guitar, and we've been playing a few gigs around town. On top of that, I just finished a musical theatre gig, which involved moving some of my hardware around quite a bit. As a result, when I checked my drums out yesterday, I noticed a few things missing. Not a big deal- could have happened to anybody and it was probably when I was moving things anyway.

In any event, the one that needs the most attention is my DW 5000 single bass drum pedal (double chain). First is the chain clip - the pin is intact (although it did fall out, and I had to look all over the floor "contact lens" style to find it again), but the actual clip is gone. Sure, I could probably secure it with a small rubber band, but I figured I'd fix it right. DW's schematic (such a great resource, btw) lists the part as SP1206, and it looks to be available online for about $4. No big deal, although JUST the clip would be nice, too.

The second thing looks to be a little more challenging, and it's where I need your help. The nut the left side of the hinge has gone missing, allowing the pin to slide out. While it doesn't travel when I play, it does slide quite a bit when the pedal is moved around, so I do want to replace it. The schematic lists SM1207, but that's the whole hinge assembly, which I really would rather not mess with replacing (nor would I like paying $40 for essentially one nut). Any ideas, other than scouring the "parts bin" at drum stores?
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