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Originally Posted by brady View Post
I have an old Tama Swingstar that was my first kit. I think it's similar to your Imperialstar. It's not a bad kit with the right heads and good tuning.
I swapped out the original heads (all of them) for Aquarians. Response2 heads for the toms with Classic Clears on the reso side and a Super Kick III plus a full Regulator on the bass drum.

Sorry, I'm not that familiar with the Drum Dial. Does it come with any recommended settings in the instructions?
It does, but they're base on other sizes, mine are not on the chart. i have an evans EMAD batter head on my kick drum right now i forgot to mention, with the thin tama reso. i need to take a pillow out, its sounding quite dead.

Do you tune the reso to the same tension as the batter side on your toms and bass?

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
G2 coated over clear Genera reso, or Emperors coated over clear Diplomats, Not sure what would be the Aquarian equivalent. You're on your own with the snare drum!
the snare drum seems to be my biggest problem!
I cannot get the snare to sound good. i get too much buzz, or just an off pitch. i am making sure the lugs are the same tension, i just cant seem to find a good sound. It's probably just me, though. Any tips?
Thanks for the suggestion!

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