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Default Re: What choice of heads for Tama Imperialstar

Originally Posted by Brando667 View Post
Hey guys. I've recently replaced my Roland V-Drums with an acoustic kit. I purchased the Tama Imperialstar, and I'm loving it so far! I will be replacing the stock heads today and i'm having a little bit of trouble choosing which ones to get. I play metal and rock mostly, and I love a clean sounding kit. I am choosing between Remo, Evans, and Aquarian heads. also not sure if I should change the resonant head to a brand other than the stock ones when I change the batter side, too. And yes, this is my first kit, and first post.

I do have a Drum Dial, so if you have any suggestions on which tension to try out with which heads, let me know! Thanks!

The shells are 6 ply, 100% poplar.

Drums: 18"x22" bass drum, 8"x10" & 9"x12" toms, 14"x16" floor tom, 5"x14" snare drum.
I have an old Tama Swingstar that was my first kit. I think it's similar to your Imperialstar. It's not a bad kit with the right heads and good tuning.
I swapped out the original heads (all of them) for Aquarians. Response2 heads for the toms with Classic Clears on the reso side and a Super Kick III plus a full Regulator on the bass drum.

Sorry, I'm not that familiar with the Drum Dial. Does it come with any recommended settings in the instructions?
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