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Default Claus Hessler

I was surprised that there wasn't a Claus Hessler thread in the Drummers section already - so let's create one.

Some aspects of his drumming career include having studied with Jim Chapin and Dom Famularo, publishing several tutorials (Open-Handed Playing, with co-author Dom Famularo, and his brand new tutorial, his 2-DVD set "Drumming Kairos"). Because of his close study with Jim Chapin his Moeller technique is considered being extremely close to the original technique. Thus, Claus has been among the authors who were involved in the new edition of G. L. Stone's "Accents & Rebounds".

Claus is also a prominent advocate of open handed playing.

I had some e-mail correspondence with Claus and he said he would join this forum and be glad to reply to the questions posted here! How cool is that.
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